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St. Mark Amateur Athletic Club

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In 1931, Rev. L. J. Harwood of the St. Marks Church of Sunshine formed the St. Marks Amateur Athletics Club.


In the 1933/34 season, the club won the "F" Grade premiership of the Victorian Amateur Athletics Association. The club's competition name was St. Marks Harriers.

Before the Second World War, three brothers, Roy, Syd and Russell Cox were among Victoria's top distance runners.


In 1942/43 season, the club won the "A" Grade premiership. At that time the Club's President was Mr. L. M. James and a life membership award was given to Mr. William Anderson.


In 1947, the Captain of St. Marks Athletics Club, Ken Doubleday became Australian's Junior Hop, Skip & Jump (Triple Jump) Champion. A public appeal campaign was arranged to assist him to compete at the Empire Games (Commonwealth Games) in New Zealand in 1950. Ken won 13 State Titles, 11 in the 120 yards (110 metres) and 220 yards (200 metres) hurdles and 2 in the triple jump. He also won 5 National Tiles, 3 in the 120 yards (110 metres) and 2 in the 220 yards (200 metres) hurdles. In 1952 Ken was a Olympic finalist in the 120 yards (metres) hurdles.

Some of the club's outstanding walkers who won Victorian & Australian Championships included Hugh Munro, Jim Gaylor Snr. Alex Philpott and Gordon Doak.

In 1960, the club changed its name to the Sunshine Amateur Athletic Club with James "Jim" William Gaylor as its president. The club's colors remained the same but had Sunshine printed on the front of the competition uniforms.


It appears the club must have folded during 1964 / 1965, as in 1965, the City of Sunshine Council ordered the club to clean up the club rooms at J. R. Parsons Reserve or vacant the property.

After this club folded, a number of its members joined the newly formed Albion Amateur Athletic Club.

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