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Sunshine Cabinet Works

503 Ballarat Rd, Sunshine

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George Mochrie, a cabinet maker from Scotland established the Sunshine Cabinet Works in 1920. The factory was located in Hampshire Road on the west side between Devonshire Road and Dickson Street.

By 1923, George had to expand his business so he purchased a site in Devonshire Road. Unfortunately before moving his equipment to the new site, his old factory and equipment were destroyed by a fire. Another Scotsman, Hugh Victor McKay helped out George to keep his business operating by lending equipment and supplies to him.

As the reputation of Sunshine Cabinets grew, George purchased further properties in Devonshire Road. There were two larger sites, with one located on the North - West corner of Dawson Street and the other located opposite on the South side of Devonshire Road. There was a smaller site located further east in Devonshire Road on the South - West corner of Martin Street. This site was used for wood storage.


In the early 1960's, George had purchased a large site on over 5 hectares in Ballarat Road on the South - West corner of Anderson Road. Over 200 people were employed at this site.

Sunshine Cabinets has been closed and the Ballarat Road site building is being used by storage business.

Ref: Harvester Town, The Making of Sunshine 1890 - 1925, Owen Flord

Photos: S&DHS

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