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Sunshine District Community Hospital

9 King Edward Ave, Albion

Sunshine Hospital King Edward Ave Albion Photo 01.jpg
Sunshine District Hospital King 9 Edward

Sister Carruthers and her sister started the Carruthers Sisters Private Hospital in King Edward Ave, Albion in 1922. It was later renamed as the St. Andrews Private Hospital in the early 1930's.

In 1946, the Carruthers sisters retired from running the hospital and Sister Carruthers became in charge of the Sunshine's Harvesters First Aid Room.

The hospital was then renamed as the Sunshine District Community Hospital and finally it was closed in 1989 after the new Sunshine Hospital in Furlong Rd was opened.

The old hospital buildings were demolished in 1990 to make way for a new block of units.

Many of Albion's and Sunshine's residents would have been born or treated at this hospital in all the years the hospital was providing medical services for the district.

Photos: S&DHS

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