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Sunshine R.S.L. Cenotaph

99 Dickson St, Sunshine

Sunshine RSL 2021 Photo 03.JPG

The Sunshine R.S.L Cenotaph is located in the front gardens of the club.

It commemorates the fallen from the WW1, WW2, Korean, Malaya and Vietnam conflicts.

There are also a number of plaques that commemorates memories of individual R.S.L. Club members.


Two these plaques are the original marble tablets was was positioned in the portico of the Braybrook Shire / City of Sunshine Memorial Hall.

Photos: S&DHS

Sunshine RSL 2021 Photo 05.JPG
Sunshine RSL 2021 Photo 06.JPG
Sunshine RSL 2021 Photo 07.JPG
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