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Sunshine United Cricket Club Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers,

Hall of Frame, Club Legends, etc

Norm McGrath Pavilion Sewlyn Park Albion 2021 Photo 02.JPG

For over 70 years, the Sunshine United Cricket Club has a proud history of being one of the successful cricket clubs in the Sunshine District.

After using various home grounds, the club has now established itself at Selwyn Park, Albion. The club has built modern club rooms, practice nets with lights and an recently installed electronic scoreboard. The club rooms have been named after one its founding members Norman McGrath, an inside room is named after long serving President Murray Elmer and the practice nets have been named after the club's long term Secretary Terry Stanley.


The club's pound history has clearly been displayed in its club rooms with honour board, flags, trophies, past presidents photos, etc.

Ref: Sunshine Advocate

Ref: Sunshine United Cricket Club

Sunshine CC Life Members Honor Board Photo 01.JPG
Sunshine United CC Team of the Century Photo 01.JPG
The Murray Elmer Room Sign 2022 Photo 01.JPG
Sunshine United CC Club Rooms Selwyn Park 2022 Photo 02.JPG
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